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Three-year-old William Tyrell was last seen playing in his grandmother’s backyard in Kendall, at 10:30 am on September 12, 2014.

A large search failed to find any trace of the boy, who was last seen wearing a Spiderman suit when he disappeared, and it is now thought he did not wander off and get lost, but he was taken.

On March 2nd, police were given a tip-off and began to search for a grave about 20 kilometers from where William was last seen. The search was conducted in an area around Houston Mitchell Drive and Long Point Rd in Bonny Hills. It began with a fingertip search of a site in the dense bushland between Bonny Hills and Lake Cathie on the state’s north coast, about 20km from where the three-year-old disappeared more than 6 months ago. A police source had told the ABC that officers were looking for the boy’s body.

The search was coordinated by the Homicide Squad with assistances from the Public Order and Riot Squad, Operation Support Group, Dog Unit and the Water Police. Officers said the resumption of the search was a result of information received from the public.

In January, a team of homicide detectives, forensic police, and officers searched the home of a tradesman at Bonny Hills. The property’s septic tank was drained and police also seized a number of items from the home. Officers have spoken to a number of people about William’s disappearance, but no-one has been detained or charged.

In conjunction with the search for the young boy’s body, bones were found but later confirmed they were not that of the boy, yet from an animal.

Since the search of the bushland was to no avail, the focus of the search for William Tyrrell will turn to a swamp about 2 kilometers off a NSW country road. Divers are going to be sent to the area close to where police teams have been searching bushland after a tip-off about the boy’s disappearance. Investigators earlier said they had confidence in the tip-off that led them to bushland in the Lake Innes Conservation Area on the state’s mid-north coast.

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