Winter Workouts By Rusty Bucket

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It’s winter and that means we will all be far less motivated to go out and work out, won’t we?

Well, here are some handy quick exercises that will help you warm up, wake up and maybe even get you that motivation for the colder months ahead!

Get a skipping rope, it’s a quick work out that’ll get the heart pumping and warm you up – just a few minutes every day will make a difference. You can burn up to 135 calories in 10 minutes

Planking is another great exercise that’s easy to do and simple: lay on your front or back and just place the forearms on the ground with the elbows aligned below the shoulders, and arms parallel to the body at about shoulder-width distance, and lift your torso. A few seconds of this a day and you can get results – Low calorie burner but perfect for increasing your strength.

Jog on the spot for a few minutes a day or around the block as it will warm your body and get you pumped for the day ahead. A quick 5 minute jog in one place can burn close to 50 calories.

Squats and Push-ups. Alternate from push-up to squats (or vice-versa). The quick motions and change will really help wake you up and help change up your morning routines, it’s a good workout for building leg muscle and arm evenly.

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