Writers Block By CD

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I cannot think of anything to write about; is this what they call writers block

To get some inspiration I might go for a walk around the block

Hours have passed since I have been sitting at my desk staring at the blank screen

Maybe what I need is a change of scene.

Ideas on what to write about are on crumbled bits of paper which cover my floor

Having writer’s block is like being in a room with no door

Maybe I need to take a break for a while

When this writer’s block is gone I will surely smile.

As I sit here looking out the window trying to come up with ideas on what to write about

“I wish my writer’s block would go away” I shout

I can’t make a simple sentence with all these scrambled words floating around in my head

Having writer’s block for life is what I dread.

Sometimes people will give me ideas on what to write about

I will then start writing and then all of a sudden I will have a memory blackout

My friend told me that writer’s block is when your imaginary friends won’t talk to you

Having writer’s block is making me feel blue.

As I sit here staring at an empty screen

Thinking I might have to clear my mind and go somewhere serene

Maybe I could write something about having writer’s block

If I did would it cure my writers block?

All of a sudden words start to appear

Is this the end of my writer’s block I cheer?

Then all the ideas which have been blocked start to flow

Writer’s block you have now become my latest foe.

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