Yindyamarra sculpture walk

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On a sunny Friday afternoon, several writers of The Situation took a stroll along the banks of the Murray River and Wonga Wetlands in Albury to take in the scenery that has changed a little during this past year. It was a pleasant walk to see some of the sculptures that have been attracting quite a few sightseers lately.

Local Indigenous artists have created 11 works of art stationed at timely intervals along the 5km path, and as our resident writers found, their beauty takes the breath away. It is a wonderful sensation that gives them a moment’s rest here and there, which gives some a chance to catch their breath from quite a bit of walking.

We are not sure if seating will be installed along the path so folks can better enjoy the sculptures, or just to give folks a chance to sit for a spell, as 5km can be a long way for some. But if you have access to a folding camp chair that you can sling over your shoulder, we highly recommend you take it with you.

2015-05-01 01.01.48 2015-05-01 01.08.53 2015-05-01 01.19.43 DSCF1858With thanks to Margaret, Michaela, Damien and Daniel.

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